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Oct 13th, 2016 Version 1.3 of 2016-10-13 contains an update provides compatibility with PHP7. Information regarding upgrade and required tools will be included in install package.
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Well-done security concept

Transfers and Authorization

Users' Roles

DBMS Isolation

Credentials Storage in a Safe Mode

Extra Authorization

Full Security Mode

data storage engine provides both transfers processing and payment system users' authorization
in contrast to the standard transaction system the INTERPLAT platform provides all the functions related to the servicing of user accounts: the registration of accounts and transfers as well as authentication of users in the system and session maintenance
integrated messaging system provides secure storage of authenticated messages from users to the administration, from the administration to users and between users

individual "roles" assigment to of the modules interfacing with the platform data storage/processing engine
access to the functions of the platform, implemented using the XML-interface, may be restricted for each of the modules that perform a particular function (user authentication, transfer processing, etc.)
encryption may me implemented for transmission/servicing the XML-requests

isolation of the data storage/processing engine from the interface of the payment system
when needed, the data storage/processing engine, which contains all important information about users' transfers, can be physically separated from the web server

user accounts to access the billing information contained in an implicit form that ensures confidentiality
it is possible to choose any algorithm for implicit storage of users' accounts information
each account's personal preferences may be contained in the data storage/processing engine while algorithms of payment system behaviour based on such settings may be web-based

possibility of additional mechanisms for user identification and confirmation of transfers
in addition to existing mechanisms of identification (USERID + password stored in implicit form) any special technique can be used (session keys, billing password, tokens)

possibility of full security mode transfers processing (transfers are registered only in the case of pre-authorization of the affected user)
when full security mode is activated, XML-interface will accept the transfer request only if corresponding user is currently logged in
deposit/withdrawal restrictions may be set for each user account
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