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Oct 13th, 2016 Version 1.3 of 2016-10-13 contains an update provides compatibility with PHP7. Information regarding upgrade and required tools will be included in install package.
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Unlimited Development Possibilities

Flexible Expandability

Geographical Distribution

Archive Storage

ABS Features

Payment Tools

new servers can be easily added to the data storage/processing engine, either disparate servers can be added into a single repository
depending on the goals and objectives of payment system based on the INTERPLAT platform, system structure may be built using a small or a large number of database servers (data storage engines)
when necessary platform segmentation allows individual segments to be replaced to the new physical servers

possibility of a geographically distributed storage of financial information
physical location of data storage servers in the same premises with the web-servers is not required
payment system may consist of multiple servers that are located geographically in any place of the World having a connection to the Internet

possibility of safe movement of the unused (aging) data archive for each user
INTERPLAT platform data storage architecture allows relevant transfers information to be diveded into operational (current) and archived, without prejudice to the performance of the entire system
information can be transferred to the archive automatically or by a decision of each individual user

possibility of using the system as a primary or auxiliary ABS (automated banking system)
INTERPLAT platform functions are sufficient to implement a web-server for bank's ABS

possibility of creating an unlimited number of standard payment instruments and methods of money deposit
INTERPLAT platform allows to develop and implement new and unique mechanisms of transfers and money deposit
Additional modules servicing users' needs may be developed based on the INTERPLAT platform
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