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Oct 13th, 2016 Version 1.3 of 2016-10-13 contains an update provides compatibility with PHP7. Information regarding upgrade and required tools will be included in install package.
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Ready-to-use solution for payment system development

Ready-to-use solution


Functions implementation

DBMS choice

almost ready-made solution for the development of the payment system for online payments
INTERPLAT platform allows to implement all necessary payment system functions using provided modules
platform features are suitable for the implementation of operations with the balance on your account (operator, the bonus system, etc.)

constantly improved, extended and developing universal automatic payment platform concept
INTERPLAT platform is a concept solution indended for optimal and high-performance storage and processing of financial information
many years of developers' experience of payment and banking systems development ensures the use of the most advanced technologies and modern trends

using a platform you can build a new billing system, or integrate the functions of payment system to an existing web portal or project
creating the financial project or implementing the payment instruments in the existing Internet portal to provide its users with new features, you can choose which part of the INTERPLAT platform better respond to your needs
any unique ID can be used as an account identifier, such as name, email address, telephone number or any other alphanumeric sequence. ID validity check can be carried out by means of a Web interface
end user's tariffs as well as transfer limits may be set on web-application side implementing INTERPLAT platform functions. there are every necessary function required for estimated parameters calculation

possibility of using various DBMS for data storage engine
depending on the complexity of projects and the available investment funds, selection of a database that best meets the requirements for the future payment system is up to developer
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