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Oct 13th, 2016 Version 1.3 of 2016-10-13 contains an update provides compatibility with PHP7. Information regarding upgrade and required tools will be included in install package.
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common questions
how much does INTERPLAT platform cost?
please contact us in order to get price based on your requirements (if it will sound real to us).

can you create a specification of a payment system for us?
it's possible. this separate work has a corresponding pricing.

what is the name of your payment system?
we do not support a payment system of our own. our mission is to create, deploy and support high-tech technical solutions for customers' payment systems

is it possible to use INTERPLAT platform for processing of information of other type?
it is possible in principle but the platform is primarily intended for financial information processing with all necessary functions implemented.

how to get documents from the "documents" section?
you should be a licensed INTERPLAT platform's customer. there are no advertising materials in "documents" section, it contains working manuals that could be helpful for platform's customers.

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