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Oct 13th, 2016 Version 1.3 of 2016-10-13 contains an update provides compatibility with PHP7. Information regarding upgrade and required tools will be included in install package.
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Internet payments platform for payment systems







ready-to-use solution that enables development of internet payment system
universal automatic payments processing platform concept that is being extended and enhanced permanently
using the platform, it is possible to create a new payment system either implement payments functions in the existing internet portal
is it possible to implement payments or exchange functions in any project that serves financial transfers over the internet
possibility to deploy different DBMS for data storage

data storage engine provides both payments processing and users authorization features
individual access "roles" can be assigned to any module that interfaces with the platform
data storage engine is in fact isolated from the payment system interface
users' credentials are keept by the engine in implicit form that provides more security
possibility to use additional mechanisms for user identification and confirmation of payment transacactions
possibility of servicing transfer requests in a fully safe mode (transfers can be registered only in the case of pre-authorization of the user)

platform developed by the specialists in development of a web-based systems working under significant load
unique distributed data storage/processing engine has achieved strong performance in a congested Internet systems
superior productivity performance in the dedicated servers
average time of a transfer/payment request processing - less than 0.1 seconds.
number of transfers serviced in face makes no effect on individual users' activity with the platform
the possibility of immediate and delayed (periodic) execution of payment transfers

if necessary new servers can be easily added to the data storage engine, either disparate servers can be merged into existing repository
possibility of a geographically distributed storage of payments information
it is possible to move to the archive safely aging data for each user
possibility of using the system as a primary or auxiliary ABS (automated banking system)
possibility of creating an unlimited number of standard payment instruments and methods of money deposit

access to the data storage/processing engine is implemented by means of an unified XML-interface
web-interface and data storage/processing engine can operate on different hardware and software platforms
access to payment functions in any way: through a web interface, mobile phone, specialized devices (payment terminals)
unlimited number of currencies supported
multi-language user interface
basic set of functions provides the most needed operations required for the payment system, additional features are developed as necessary
functions of administration, reporting and standard output forms

enjoy the sample realization of the payment system on the example of the current model
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